Turning your app ideas into execution.

Many small business owners and larger companies struggle when trying to figure out how to turn their app ideas into a tangible product. They know it's possible but don't know the processes involved.

With millions of apps spread out through Google Play and the App Store, it is probable others have already tried to execute your conception. A little research into published apps is always a good idea.

Entrepreneurs and marketing agents all have great app ideas at one time or another. But even with a comparatively sizable budget, few have the programming and designing skills to build a mobile app themselves.

What does this mean? Well, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Those unfamiliar with software development tend to focus on what the app does rather than on the functional requirements necessary to meet the needs of its users. What will really differentiate your app idea is how well it does what it is intended to do. That's where professionals come into play.

If, after research, you are fortunate enough to find a niche for your app idea, and most functional requirements have been worked out, the next steps require finding out the relative development cost and a reliable company to execute your mobile app.

A great place to begin your pricing journey is with MobileAppQuote, a tool that provides an estimate of the cost to build your app idea based on a series of easy-to-answer questions. Ready to build? Chepri is a full-service mobile app, web development and design company delivering mobile apps from beginning concept to the finished product.

Initial work with our clients begins with an effort to fully understand your app idea, potential users, key scenarios, limitations and technology parameters, putting together a strategy while defining the minimum number of feature requirements.

The Chepri team of programmers and designers will then collaborate with you to take your app idea to the next level by building your app concepts into achievable goals. We work closely with our clients to iterate on the core of your app ideas while user experience guides the product exploration, informing decisions made by our design and development teams.

Our UX team defines how your app idea will work, our design team establishes the visual language conveying the app's functionality and our development team handles the project structure, eventually resulting in a prototype of your app idea.

When our client is satisfied the application is complete, we prepare it your app for submission to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Trust Chepri to handle your app ideas competently, and to stay involved with your project, providing professional support and updates as needed.

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