Competitive Analysis & Mobile Strategy

Competitive analysis is imperative for a mobile app marketing strategy. As a small business or growing company, it is clearly important to be aware of how your market is evolving, and how your competitors are affecting your app with their products.

For entrepreneurs or marketing agents seeking to build and deploy a mobile app, just focusing on defining your app store icon, name, description and keywords aren't enough. You need to be aware of many factors before your project is started, inevitably determining monetary success when your app is launched. One integral approach is to save funds by making smart decisions from the outset.

A great place to begin your pricing journey is with MobileAppQuote, a tool providing an estimate of the cost to make your app idea based on a series of easy-to-answer questions. Not only can you ballpark the cost of your app, you can feel confident about allocating your budget.

When you're ready to build, check out the professionals at Chepri, who will begin by composing a competitive analysis, determining benchmark monetization strategies, target audience, and decisive marketing channels.

Apps are now a huge, monstrous business. An excess of 100 billion mobile apps have been downloaded since the Apple iOS and Google Play stores came into being. As the audience for mobile apps grows, new app user opportunities for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size firms continues to grow. Yes, this means you.

Along with a thorough analysis of app trends and rankings, we at Chepri gather core competitor statistics and UI/UX to help determine your app's functionality and priorities, based upon factors such as number of installations, ratings and reviews, overall market popularity, and other app store optimization cues.

Why is this so important? Well, because of the expanded number of users, downloads, and apps, store dynamics have changed and competitive behavior has evolved considerably, especially within the Free Apps sections. The app stores have mutated into quite a different organism over the last two years.

For instance, in response to the difficulties involved with App Store approval, the Android Play store has made it easier for startups/new participants to submit, drastically affecting ranking volatilities.

These ranking alterations can be equated with increased competitiveness within the rapidly growing app store market, allowing the better/higher valued apps to rise to a position of priority much quicker than ever before. So, if it's good enough, it is possible for your app to rank in the top 10 - 50 soon after launch.

Whereas Google Play exhibits a relatively uniform distribution of slot rank volatility, the App Store has become more competitive with much larger ranking changes. Of course, competition also varies by app category in both stores. Chepri steps in to insure all these permutations are taken into consideration when planning, composing, prototyping and launching your app.

Before our team lays a finger on your project, you can expect incisive and enlightening conclusions regarding your application audience, demographics, methods to improve your application, advice concerning where and how to market your app, and the best ways to monetize your app.

Let's face it, there is so much to know and so many subtle elements to tackle when jockeying for position and downloads within the app stores. Every small business and growing firm can benefit from tracking and evaluating their app store optimization, and Chepri can review client app strengths and weaknesses, while creating recommendations for improvement.

Don't forget, although is may now be easier for apps to reach top positions in the app stores, it is possible to descend just as quickly. Ranking volatility can be mediated through knowing your competition.

Startups and growing companies must invest in organic and paid strategies and differentiated products so as to not end up at the virtual bottom of the app store well.

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